Problems with adding Account ID, posting graphic to website.

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Problems with adding Account ID, posting graphic to website.

Post by NWLB » Fri Jul 01, 2005 5:43 pm

I managed to add my Seti graphic to my website, but can't seem to add Einstien at home to my projects. The system doesn't recognize my user name, account numbers of any kind, etc. I care less about posting it in my sig files as I do on my website.

The instructions are pretty thin in terms of which account ID I'm supposed to supply. Is it the cross project ID, the specific project ID, the ID they give for use in URLs, my email, my user name?

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Post by Neil » Fri Jul 01, 2005 6:20 pm


Your account ID is the one that is used by the project's web site in their URLs. You can find it out by logging into your account at the project's web site. At the bottom of your profile there will be the entry "Account number used in URLs". This is the ID you need.

If you have not yet had any credit credited to your Einstein account your stats will not be in the XML dump files and this will explain why my site cannot find your stats when you try to enter the name associated with your account.

If you find out your account ID then my site can grab your stats from the HTML stats at Einstein's home page. Once your stats appear in the XML dumps, your account will be set to use these stats instead.

Hope this helps.
Neil Munday.


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