Salt Minion Inventory

Salt Minon Inventory provides a web based GUI for your SaltStack minions. Example screen shots can be found below.

It is implemented via a SaltStack Python module that executes on the minions which generates events on the salt master’s event queue. These are then processed by a runner on the master. The results are stored in a MySQL database. A web based GUI implemented using PHP, Bootstrap, and jQuery is used to present the information to the user.

For more details, including installation instructions pleas see:


From the main page you can see a summary of your minions:



You can view all of your minions:


For each minion you can access more details:



For each minion you can view the packages that are installed on it:


Package Diff

You can compare the packages installed on one minion with another.



  • David Murray - implemented improved user interface for version 1.5 and for providing suggestions for new features.