Pi Entertainment System (PES)

PES is a graphical front end for a variety of games console emulators that has been written in Python which is intended for use on the Raspberry Pi.

_images/pes-main.png _images/pes-nes.png

For ease of use on the Raspberry Pi, PES has been packaged into a SD card image using ArchLinux as the OS together with various emulators and utilities including PlayStation 3 control pad support via Bluetooth to allow you to create your own games console. Support for Retro Achievements is included and you can even use your TV remote to browse the user interface!

Having used other emulation systems for the Raspberry Pi I decided to create my own set-up and user interface as a challenge, and to hopefully create an easy to use system. I hope you like it!

To access the documentation for PES and the software itself, please go to http://pes.mundayweb.com The project’s source code can also be found on GitHub