vLHC stats are DUPE of (LHC)sixtrack

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vLHC stats are DUPE of (LHC)sixtrack

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vLHC stats are DUPE of (LHC)sixtrack.

CERN/LHC has been migrating/moving all projects to the MAIN LHC project/server.

see: VLHCathome project fully migrated
Message 29007 - Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 8:35:49 UTC
The former vLHCathome project has now been migrated here and the old vLHCathome project site has been redirected.

The credit has also been migrated as discussed in this thread.

If your BOINC client complains about a wrong project URL, please re-attach to this project, LHC@home.

Thanks again to all who contributed to vLHCathome and to those who contribute here!

-- The team
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Re: vLHC stats are DUPE of (LHC)sixtrack

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Thanks for the info - I have disabled the vLHC@Home project as a result.
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