Web server move

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Web server move

Post by Neil »

Hi all,

On 10th February 2017 after discussions with my web host, MundayWeb.com and all its sub-domains were moved to a shiny new server. Unfortunately this did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped due to the following reasons:
  • New version of PHP (version 7) which caused various bits of old PHP I had written with (now) deprecated functions to cease working.
  • The phpBB forum software was a bit old and not compatible with PHP7 (it has now been upgraded)
  • A few key PHP extensions were missing from the PHP set-up on the new server. My host has kindly enabled these for me.
  • E-mails to/from some of my addresses were out of action until late on the 10th February. This was resolved by my host.
I've been busy updating the PHP code behind boinc.mundayweb.com to work with PHP7 and also improved some of the code slightly.

boinc.mundayweb.com should now be back to normal operation - please let me know if you find any problems and apologies for any inconvenience.


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