theskynet POGS not updating

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theskynet POGS not updating

Post by RDaneel »

My apologies for the previous false alarm with Seti@Home :( but I'm fairly sure this one is not.
POGS is updating on BoincStats but not on MundayStats. :?:
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Re: theskynet POGS not updating

Post by Neil »


No need to apologise for the Seti@Home post - I'd rather people told me about a potential issue than not ;-)

You are correct about POGS though. This was due to a safety check I built into my update script which checks when the number of teams in the latest database dumps is less than the number held in my database.

It would seem POGS must have deleted a few teams last month.

I've since performed a manual update and the project's stats are now up to date again.

Thank you for spotting the issue.


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