PES 1.4.1 released!

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PES 1.4.1 released!

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Dear all,

PES 1.4.1 has been released.

  • Fixed bug in Mupen64Plus config generation when four control pads are connected. Thanks to Steve McNamara for reporting the bug.
  • Added missing crda ArchLinux package to remove CRDA warnings at boot time when using a WiFi network connection with the ArchLinux Raspberry Pi and ArchLinux Raspberry Pi 2 images.
  • Added missing wpa_supplicant package to ArchLinux Raspberry Pi image.
Download Links

Raspberry Pi (Arm6) (md5sum: 648e7cdbea4533ffcc698e7c8d3c5cf7, 604MB)
Raspberry Pi 2 (Arm7) (md5sum: c465395243d7dff82a3bd6e981d91a52, 517MB )

Hope you like it,