Widget won't run

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Widget won't run

Post by uffl01 »

Can anybody help me?

When I try to run the user widget, I get the following error message:

KFImage: Can't load image "Resources\BOINC\bg.png"
[BOINC] Could not include file 'xmldom.js'
(Global/onLoad:BOINC.kon: Line 140)
[BOINC] ReferenceError: XMLDoc is not defined
(Global/onLoad:BOINC.kon: Line 132)
onLoad failed. Most likely an exception was encountered.

I followed all the instructions, so I don't know what's going on.

I'm sorry if this is redundant, but I couldn't find a similar posting in the forums.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Post by Neil »


Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Yahoo Widget Engine.

I have just tried downloading and installing the widget engine on my recently formatted laptop, together with both my BOINC widgets, and they both work fine.

You may want to try downloading the user widget again. The user widget is 48KB in size. If you open the file with WinZip, you will see the contents of the widget.

Please post back if you are still experiencing problems.


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