UCT : malariacontrol.net

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UCT : malariacontrol.net

Post by AL ADIM » Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:48 am

UCT : malariacontrol.net
Message 6036 - Posted 17 Apr 2008 8:50:50 UTC
malariacontrol.net started more than two years ago as a small BOINC project. The main science application has started to provide us with usable data not long after this, but we decided to keep our beta testing status until now.

By now the main science application – malariacontrol - has matured and is at least as stable as applications on other projects. We have introduced a way to test new application versions on all supported platforms with the help of those among you who agree to receive test workunits. The optimizer application (Windows only) still has a few issues, but you as a user can opt out of running this application by changing your project preferences.

In addition, we have had time to gain experience with the BOINC server side software, and with some recent optimizations of our project specific server applications and backup procedures, we are comfortable with the reliability of our project server.

We therefore would like to end the phase of beta testing and officially become a stable BOINC project. We would be interested how you think about this, and welcome your comments in this discussion thread.
- source: http://malariacontrol.net/forum_thread.php?id=676

Stats and I think that this is a permission to use it.

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Re: UCT : malariacontrol.net

Post by KSMarksPsych » Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:12 pm

AL ADIM wrote: Stats and I think that this is a permission to use it.
christopher wrote:I will consider adding them to the stats sites.
That doesn't sound like permission to publish them to me. He's still thinking about it.
Kathryn :)
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