Can't login to website to alter My stats under XP Pro x64

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Can't login to website to alter My stats under XP Pro x64

Post by JokerCPoC » Sun May 07, 2006 9:03 pm

Can't login to main website to alter My stats under XP Pro x64, Then logged in under XP Pro x32(32bit XP Pro) with Firefox no problem, then tried logging in with password under XP Pro x64 again(OSes are on two different PCs) as the browser is Firefox and the website said Invalid Password under XP Pro x64, Now even here under x32 It says invalid password and I have not changed the password, I'm locked out and I emailed Neil Munday and used both My email addresses and so far nothing. I've read He'll Be around for Tech Support from 05-06-06 to 05-13-06, Neil please Help Me!

It's the All in One account and on there I'm as here JokerCPoC and no I'm not listing any addresses online, PM If You must for that.

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Post by Neil » Mon May 08, 2006 10:52 am


I have reset your password and replied to your e-mails.

The version of Windows you are using, your browser, OS, PC etc. will not make a difference regarding your password for my site!! You must have changed your password in the past or made a typo.

Please be aware that I am currently abroad on business and can't always be around to check-up on the site, check e-mails etc.

Perhaps the support announcement should have read "Support Unavailability"!

Best regards from Switzerland :beer:


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