MAME - Problems to run the roms file.

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MAME - Problems to run the roms file.

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Hello everyone!

I'm new in the forum and I dont have much experience with PES.
So, I'm trying to run the rom Street Fighter ZERO 2 for MAME.

What i dont understand is:
Ok, I have the rom file on the correct directory, and I dont know what do do with the other file (support file/bios file)
Where I need to put the support files to run the game?

Sorry if I can't express the correct english.
Thanks and Best Regards!!!

Edited by Neil: link to ROM removed due to copyright issues

Example game: Street_Fighter_Alpha_3_(Brazil_980629)

Hardware: RASPBERRY PI 2 - (VER: 1.5.1)
Best Regards,

Bruno Selli
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Re: MAME - Problems to run the roms file.

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Welcome to the forums!

MAME emulators are a little different from console emulators as they work with particular "ROM sets". For imame4all-libretro (now named mame2000-libretro), which is used by PES, this emulator uses ROM set version 0.37b5. You shouldn't need any BIOS files for this.

Also to add more complications, some ROMs rely upon other ROMs being in the same directory as well.

It's best (if you can) to obtain the entire 0.37b5 ROM set.

Apologies for not making this clear in the documentation - I will update it for PES 2.0 when it is released.


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