PES 1.3 released!

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PES 1.3 released!

Post by Neil »

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the release of PES 1.3 for the Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2.

All users are encouraged to update to this new version as it addresses a number of bugs and adds new features and additional emulator support.

One of the main new features is that PES 1.3 will automatically partition your SD card for you when it is first booted.

Download links:

Raspberry Pi (Arm6) (md5sum: c7a6aa5d7c6a3977a8c6b8cbbeaebfe6, 660MB)
Raspberry Pi 2 (Arm7) (md5sum: 565d6f46115abe71e33576173d84e269, 508MB)

  • Fixed bug in game scraper where games with missing cover art were removed unintentionally from the PES database
  • Fixed page total bug in game thumbnail menus
  • Fixed minor game favouriting bug
  • Fixed two button detection bugs when configuring control pads
  • Fixed incorrect title on game info panel when switching games
  • Game object loading now more efficient which should reduce game pages loading time
  • More than one console can now use the same API ID
  • Added support for L3 and R3 buttons
  • Added Sony PlayStation 4 control pad configuration files
  • Added N64 support thanks to ricrpi’s Mupen64Plus Raspberry Pi port
  • Added control pad button configuration generation for Mupen64Plus
  • Added SDL2 GLES installation for use by Mupen64Plus
  • Added ability to favourite games using the select button or the S key
  • Added netplay support to RetroArch installations
  • Added Final Burn Alpha libretro core which also supports Neo Geo and Colecovision games
  • Added ZX Spectrum support thanks to libretro’s Fuse core
  • Added MAME support thanks to libretro’s imame4all core
  • Added auto-partitioning of the user’s SD card to take advantage of all available space
  • Added support for user supplied cover art
  • Added PES “games catalogue” to allow short ROM names to be mapped to their full names (e.g. for MAME and FBA ROM sets)
  • Added ability to select which consoles are updated when scanning for ROMs

PES' documentation has been given a new theme and has been updated to reflect the changes above. You can access the documentation at:

Thanks to those that tested the PES 1.3 BETA.

I hope you like this new improved version, but if you find any glitches please let me know.