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BOINC FAQs 10 year anniversary: BOINC FAQs Wiki

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In December of 2006 I approached my friend Neil Munday if it was possible to start a FAQ for BOINC, using his FAQ database code that he had written for the PC Format FAQs. The BOINC FAQ Service was launched 15/12/2006.

With its ten years anniversary coming up, I felt that a lot of the information in the FAQs was antiquated and that it needed a new environment, so I asked Neil if it was possible to copy everything over to a Mediawiki environment so I could start the rewrite. He sent me the whole contents of the original FAQs in text format, after which Ed from Seattle (as bowtieguru) and Kiska helped me manually put everything from that file into the Wikipedia environment. Ready for the rewrite.

Ed further made sure links were up to date and that most all FAQs were in a readable content, while I started work on the rewrites, the font, the CSS, images and about everything else. I've since added a lot of new content, rewritten a lot of the old FAQs, but a couple of stragglers are still in the old format and have the old content. I've been working on this since the summer vacation, but my concentration waned and I lost interest in a lot of things.

Since October I started getting nightmares, slept about three hours a night or close to 20 hours when completely exhausted. So I went to my doctor to try to figure out what this was. He sent me on to a psychologist, who diagnosed me going through a deep depression. And apparently it's been happening for quite some time already, a little over a year.

So I have these scary thoughts going through my mind, deep dark thoughts that I don't want to have, and wild vivid day-dreams in which I see me do horrible things to myself. While working on that, I chose not to use my computer that much, and when I do, to then just do some gaming. Most of the time though I sit on my living room couch watching old series on my UHD TV: Andromeda, Mythbusters, Time Team, Fringe, Mantis, Raven, and when I really do need a laugh, one of the Ancient Aliens episodes: Ancient Alien Theorists Believe... that only they know it all. ;-)

But this means that the rewrite of the FAQs is on hold and its original relaunch date of mid-December 2016 has come and gone. I do know I cannot do it all alone, but sadly the 10 people I originally got together to do all this with have not turned up (apart from aforementioned Ed and Kiska). Good personnel is hard to find, or I am a lousy boss. :-/

I put the link to the FAQs on here earlier, but took it down again after a week as I felt it wasn't ready for too much prime time. Now it doesn't matter.
If I don't put it out there for you all to use, it'll never get used and it just takes up space on a server. Might as well get its address out in the open.
And perhaps that this spurs those original 10 on to come help out, or perhaps that you feel you want access and want to start writing. It's possible, just contact me for an account.

For instance, anyone out there who can help me add images to the first page of the Wiki with links under them going off to parts of the FAQs? I want to set up the front page not unlike the first page of Mediawiki, but I don't know how. Yes, templates and possibly CSS. But with my mind as a sieve it's difficult to figure out, especially when I forget what I read the moment I read it. Happens a lot.

The rest of the FAQs is subject to continual changes as well, mostly about how it looks, and in the future a little less green even. The peasoup green is done because the Monobook colours were too hard for my tired eyes, and so I changed all CSS to these new colours. Should become lighter in the future. But still green. :)

Leaves me with the thank yous:
Thanks go out to Neil for his invaluable help on how to work with a CSS file, and of course for hosting the new FAQs. I'm always feeling sorry I can't pay him a grand a year for hosting this on his server. Perhaps one day.
Thanks go out to David, for BOINC, as without it no FAQs.
Thanks to the community, as without their frequently asked questions, no FAQs. :)

Go on, go look: ... Qs_Central

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