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CPU Idle Software cooler

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 11:04 pm
by clarkf1
CPUIdle is a nifty piece of software. It's lowered my CPU idle temp by about 4C when idle

How it works can be found here

You can get a 30-day trial here

Compatibility with BOINC:

If you have this program running at the same time as BOINC, it'll share the resources 50-50 with BOINC thus halving your crunch rate (on a single core CPU). To prevent this from happening, in the Auto-Off Windows tab in the Options, type in "BOINC Manager" excluding quotes but keep the capitalization. This will disable it allowing BOINC full CPU usage even when the window is minimized to the system tray.

However the downside is when you have BOINC Manager running but no work to crunch it'll still be disabled even though the CPU is idle.