Massive Censorship at Predictor Forum!!

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Massive Censorship at Predictor Forum!!

Post by Cori » Sat Mar 24, 2007 12:31 am

[email protected] is censoring massively at their boards and is restricting the freedom of opinion of their registered users in an inappropriate manner.
After a discussion had started about the attitude of the project administration towards a big cheating issue in this thread that thread was closed immediately to avoid any different opinion.

After that any new discussion thread and any question concerning "censorship" were "answered" with the immediate deletion of the postings/threads. Even accounts were fully blocked for posting (in my case until the year 2038!!).
In between even account creation was disabled to prevent the "bad users" from posting further questions. After that didn't help meanwhile whole IP ranges are blocked from access to the complete Predictor homepage!

I think it is not acceptable that the freedom of opinion is restricted in that way and I want to ask the BOINC community members to form an opinion about this. Try for yourself and start asking about this all at the [email protected] message boards!

There's an ongoing discussion over at the BOINCstats forum, where also the beginning of this whole mess is to be found. See: Trojan boinc installation by rogue member
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Post by clarkf1 » Sat Mar 24, 2007 3:22 pm

Hopefully he'll see sense.

He might have shot himself in the foot. From what I understand some people who have been around a while have been banned and with the new project app still in its testing phase, losing knowledgeable crunchers is definitely not the way to go.
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