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Post by Neil » Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:00 pm

Hi all,

Some one pointed me towards the other day. It's an interesting concept - the kinda thing I wish I had thought of.

Basically, you sign-up and they give you 1 US cent. With this, you can gamble it against other players in one of three games. Each time you win, your stake is doubled. In theory, if you win 30 times in a row, you can advance to $10,000,000.

The games are pretty simple, and in half an hour, I haven't lost so far, and am currently on $0.11. Hardly anything to write home about I know, but the higher you get up the ladder, the more you win (due to the doubling effect).

Anyhow, you can only sign-up by invitation. I have three invites available to anyone who wants one. I'll send out invites on a first come, first served basis. (Send me a PM or reply to this post).

So where is the catch I hear you cry?

Well, before each game, you have to watch a shot video advert (not good if you are on dial-up), after which you have to answer a simple question to prove that you watched the advert.

If you loose all your hard earned cash, Moola will give you $0.01 to start playing again. They make all their money through advertising - you do not have to stake any real money and therefore, they seem to have got around gambling laws in the US.

At the moment, the site is only for US and Canadian citizens, although they plan to support other countries soon and plan to support paying out cash to user's PayPal accounts.

So how did I sign-up? Well I used a US zip code: 54173

Once you have signed-up you can edit your address details. As it says on the My Account page, they plan to support other countries soon. At the moment, you can cash in on your winnings, but they can only mail them as a cheque in the US. I hope they get their PayPal plans sorted (well, if I actually manage to win anything!).



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