Guitar Hero 3 and World tour for pc with wii Guitar.

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Guitar Hero 3 and World tour for pc with wii Guitar.

Post by MightyPooh »

Hi there Neil and everyone else.

I appreciated the guide en GH3 for PC with WII guitar.

Now i got World Tour and started having some trouble.
But in a couple of hours i found a solition using the:
GlovePIE script a tiny bit changed.
And a remap of the WT keys.

I thought others might like this aswell and since your post is one of the first on google you might want to update it for everyone else to benefit :)

This file have to be saved to the following folder:
C:\Users\"user"\AppData\Local\Aspyr\Guitar Hero World Tour\
Where "user" is your username
save this file where ever you want, a good place is in the glove pie folder.

This glovepie file should work fine with both gh3 and ghwt.

Regards MightyPooh

Here is the file contents if you prefer that:


Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<s id="Video.Width">1280</s>
	<s id="Video.Height">720</s>
	<s id="Options.GraphicsQuality">0</s>
	<s id="Options.UseLOD">0</s>
	<s id="Options.Crowd">0</s>
	<s id="Options.Physics">0</s>
	<s id="Options.Flares">1</s>
	<s id="Options.FrontRowCamera">0</s>
	<s id="Keyboard_Menu">GREEN 308 328 RED 221 YELLOW 340 BLUE 343 ORANGE 267 CANCEL 999 START 219 BACK 235 402 221 DOWN 400 316 UP 401 311 WHAMMY 310 408 KICK 318 LEFT 265 RIGHT 309 </s>
	<s id="Audio.BuffLen">2048</s>
	<s id="Keyboard_Guitar">GREEN 328 308 RED 221 YELLOW 340 BLUE 343 ORANGE 267 STAR 402 318 CANCEL 999 START 219 235 BACK 999 DOWN 400 231 UP 401 327 WHAMMY 310 408 LEFT 265 RIGHT 309 </s>

Code: Select all

 * Based on version from
 * Modified by Neil Munday, July 2008
Key.Ctrl = False
Key.LeftShift = False
Key.LeftAlt = False
Key.RightAlt = False

debug = 'whammy=' + wiimote.Guitar.WhammyBar + ', pitch=' + RemoveUnits(Wiimote.Pitch)

//change these to your liking (use debug info)
var.whammythreshold = 0.55
var.starpowerangle = 50

Keyboard.V = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret1
Keyboard.C = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret2
Keyboard.X = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret3
Keyboard.Z = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret4
Keyboard.LeftShift = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret5
//make the 4 wiimote leds light up with the first 4 frets
/* Wiimote.Led1 = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret1
Wiimote.Led2 = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret2
Wiimote.Led3 = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret3
Wiimote.Led4 = Wiimote.Guitar.Fret4*/
Wiimote.Led1 = True
//other mappings
Keyboard.Space = Wiimote.Guitar.Minus
Keyboard.RightShift = Wiimote.Guitar.StrumUp
Keyboard.Up = Wiimote.Guitar.StrumUp
Keyboard.Slash = Wiimote.Guitar.StrumDown
Keyboard.Down = Wiimote.Guitar.StrumDown
Keyboard.Backspace = Wiimote.Guitar.Plus

//make whammy when whammy is pushed
If Wiimote.Guitar.WhammyBar > var.whammythreshold
   Mouse.x = Wiimote.Guitar.WhammyBar
//push star power button when guitar is tilted
If RemoveUnits(Wiimote.Pitch) > var.starpowerangle
   Key.Space = True
   Wiimote.Rumble = False
   Wait 1000 ms
   Key.Space = False
   Wiimote.Rumble = False

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Re: Guitar Hero 3 and World tour for pc with wii Guitar.

Post by Neil »

Hi there,

Many thanks for sharing your modifications.

I have now updated the guide: with your Guitar Hero World Tour settings.

Many thanks,


p.s. I have also thanked you in the guide. Let me know if you'd like me to include a link to your web site.
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