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Welcome to by Neil Munday

Here you can find about my various personal projects, the most popular being (further details below). In addition to all the computer science stuff, you can find various 'fun' items, like comical banners and humerous downloads.

Fun Stuff

This section of the site contains various and useless facts, comical downloads and weird laws. You can check out MundayWeb's Funny Feed as well which contains links to funny stuff I have found on my travels around the Internet. Enjoy!


  • Claim to Fame - In January 2002, MundayWeb was featured in PCFormat magazine. Here you can see a copy of the article.

  • USA - In 2004 I went on holiday around the USA in April and then in December I went on a business trip as well. Here you can find a selection of my photos.

  • Edinburgh - In June 2005 I went to Edinburgh on business. Luckily there was time to take a quick look around the city before heading home.

  • Bristol - In August 2005 I paid a visit to Bristol. Here you can find some photos of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and photos from the Zoo.

  • Italy - In August 2005 I went to Limone, Italy. Here you can find pics from the various places that I went to.

  • Lugano - In September 2005 I went to Lugano, Switzerland. Here you can find some of the pics of the lake and the town.

  • Minneapolis - In March 2006 I went to Mendota Heights, Minneapolis, USA. Here you can find some pics of the Mall of America, St Paul's and from our skiing trip.

  • Lugano - In May 2006 I went back to Lugano, Switzerland. Again, the weather was ace. This time we were able to go on a boat trip, as well as getting better photos of Castel Grande.

  • London - In August 2006 I went for a trip on the London Eye. Here you can see my best photos.

  • Longleat House - In August 2006 I visited Longleat House near Bath. Here you can find photos from the grounds of the house as well as the many animals on the safari.

  • Paris - In October 2006 I visited Paris for a short break. Here you can find photos from Paris' many sites.

  • Nashville - In February 2007 I went to Nashville, USA. Here you can find some pics of downtown Nashville, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and more besides.

  • The Peak District - In April 2007 I spent some time in the Peak District. Photos include Speedwell Cavern and Snake Pass.

  • New Mexico - In May 2007 I visited a few places in New Mexico, USA. Here you can find some pics from Bandelier National Monument, Santa Fe, and Sandia Peak.

  • Silverstone - In June 2007 I was a guest of Red Bull Racing for a testing session at Silverstone. Here you can find photos from the track, garage, and pit lane, as well as photos of the drivers we met.

  • Geneva - During August 2007 I went on holiday to Geneva, Switzerland. Here you can find a selection of phots from around the city and the Télèpherique du Salève which has fantastic views of the city.

  • Silverstone - In June 2008 I was a guest of Red Bull Racing for a testing session at Silverstone. Here you can find photos from the track, garage, and pit lane, as well as photos of the drivers we met.

  • Florida - In August 2008 we went on holiday to Florida. Here you can see a selection of photos from our trip.

  • Atlanta - In May 2009, I took a business trip to Atlanta in the USA. Here you can see photos of downtown Atlanta, World of Coca-Cola and the Titanic Aquarium.

  • New York - In April 2010, we went on holiday to New York. Photos can be seen of Central Park, Manhattan, and from a New York Rangers ice hockey game at Madisson Square Gardens.

  • Norway - In July/August 2010, we went on holiday to Norway. You can see photos of many fjords, mountains, waterfalls, beaches and glaciers, as well as the views from the cabins we visited.


This section details some of my personal projects that I have worked on. A brief summary is provided below:

  • Adding Custom Songs to Guitar Hero III - A guide showing you how to add your own songs to the PC version of Guitar Hero III.

  • BOINC FAQ Service - In December 2006, the BOINC FAQ Service was launched to provide a central repository of FAQs for BOINC users. It is based on software written for the PCF FAQ and is currently being updated to include multi-language support. Thanks to Jorden for supplying the majority of FAQs.

  • BOINC Stats Services - Following the successful development of my Seti Stats Services for the Seti Classic project, I decided to create a stats graphic site for the Seti BOINC project. Unknown to me at the time (July 2004), it was the only available stats graphic site for any BOINC project.

    After going live, the site had over 500 users in the first week, and hundreds of thousands of hits. The site has steadily grown, and now supports all major BOINC projects and attracts new users on a daily basis. The All-In-One account has been a valuable addition to the site.

    Thanks to Jorden, the mirror providers and all the people who made suggestions, found the odd bug and donated towards the up-keep of the site!

    In April 2006, I was interviewed about the work I have done for the BOINC community. You can read it at

  • Cancer Stats Service - Following requests from people crunching for the Cancer Research Project, I created a stats graphic service for the project in August 2004

  • Fractal Applet - a Java applet that plots the Mandlebrot fractal. You can zoom in multiple times too. Written May 2001.

  • Go-Karting - a web site for logging and displaying the race stats of our go-karting team. Written in a combination of PHP and ExtJS.

  • JDBC-ODBC Tutorial - A short tutorial detailing how to link Java applications to an ODBC database (e.g. Microsoft Access).

  • MC68000 IDE - a full application that provides an Integrated Devlopment Environment (IDE) for writing programs for the Motorola MC68000 processor. I decided to write the program after being frustrated using Notepad and MS-DOS to assemble and run my assembler programs under an emulator at Uni. My program integrates these three parts of the development process and reduces development time. Written February 2001.

  • Maze Applet - As part of my first year programming unit at University, I had to design and implement a program that randomly generates a maze of any size and then solves it. I decided to turn the program into an applet and here it is. Written September 2001.

  • NetSend - I wrote this program in August 2003 out of curiosity to discover how certain people generate the annoying Messenger pop-up messages in Windows XP, 2000 and NT. The Messenger service of these operating systems is not to be confused with either MSN or Windows Messenger.

  • PCF FAQ - This site contains various FAQs that have been generated by the PCFormat Forum community. They have been gathered together here in an organised manner to allow you to find solutions to common problems experienced by users of PCFF. The site is endorsed by PCFormat magazine.

  • Pi Entertainment System (PES) - PES is a graphical front end for a variety of games console emulators that has been written in Python which is intended for use on the Raspberry Pi.

  • SAAS (Sorting Algorithm Animation System) - This applet demonstrates an algorithm animation system for sorting algorithms that I implemented during January-March 2003 as part of my dissertation for my BSc (hons) Computer Science degree.

  • Seti Graph - This project monitors the top 200 Seti Classic teams and charts their progress over the last month or so allowing users to compare their team's progress with their nearest rivals.

  • Seti Stats Service - Like my BOINC Stats Services, this site provides users with a customisable stats graphic of their Seti Classic stats. Created February 2004.

  • TLL Compiler Applet - The applet demonstrates a compiler I had to write as part of my Advanced Compilers coursework in November-December 2002. The compiler compiles the LISP like language TLL (This Little Language) into three-address code (TAC). Written January 2003.

  • Using the Wii Guitar Hero III Guitar with the PC Version - A guide showing you how to use your Wii Guitar Hero III Guitar with the PC version of the game.